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The Story

David & Troy were born and raised in the Manyeleti Game reserve, which forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park.

David’s father managed the Manyeleti, and Troy’s parents ran a Safari Camp on the reserve. 


They’ve been best friends since they could crawl, and spent many happy days playing in the mud and roaming around the bush in search of adventure.

They still joke about their incredible childhood, and the adventures and dangers they often faced. 

“Our parents taught us how to handle encounters with dangerous animals, and on more than one occasion it saved us from trouble.” Says David.

We feel very privileged to have had such an incredible upbringing, as not many kids can say they grew up in a Big 5 wilderness area”.

It was natural for them to enter the Safari industry, and after gaining years of experience in different countries and Safari operations they decided to form a company together.

They now use their combined experience and friendship to give guests a once in a lifetime Safari experience.

Troy Meeser
Natural Earth Safaris Troy Meeser

Troy’s unique style of guiding is result of his growing up in the bush in the Greater Kruger area while watching and aiding his parents in a variety of different approaches to a safari experience.

These include “high-end” mobile safaris, young back-packing groups, horse back safaris, game fishing, exclusive families and student safaris.

His vast experience instills in him a fresh and spontaneous approach to interpreting the wonders of the African Bush, and communicating these to his guests with contagious enthusiasm.

Troy is fluent in the local language Shangaan, and is a favourite with locals as well as a recognized character in the safari industry far and wide.


He believes in an unpretentious, grass roots level interpretation of his magnificent surrounds with an interactive experience for his guests.

He is blessed with the patience of a gifted fisherman, the intuition of a local tracker and the eye of a cautious river guide. His natural hosting talents come from years in hospitality and a genuine interest in his guests.

David Hancock
Natural Earth Safaris David Hancock

As a game ranger’s son David grew up with a keen passion for wildlife. He started his career in the Greater Kruger National Park, and has since worked throughout Southern and Central Africa. He also recently appeared as a guest presenter on the world renowned Safari Live production.

His interests are diverse, and include aviation, diving, and motorcycle travel, with a keen love for all things natural.

“To see a huge elephant is incredible, but to feel the caked mud that he left on a tree during a back scratch is awe inspiring. To see the place where his huge feet stood, and smell the musty scent he left behind…that is experiencing nature, and that is what we do.” says David with a grin.  

David is gifted with languages, and fluent in Afrikaans, Shangaan, and French.

He love's his work, and will ensure his guests never stop having fun on Safari.

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