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Experience the Untamed

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"Thank you for an incredible Safari experience!! From washing our feet in the Klaserie River to approaching Rhino on foot, it was unforgettable. We will never forget the late night drive with the 2 mating leopards, a once in a lifetime moment! We can't wait for more Safari experiences with you!"

-The Belgian Group - Hilde, Margaux, Sebastian, Olav, Henk, Sabrine, Shirley

"Thank you for another wonderful experience! You are great rangers, thank you Troy & David! We enjoyed every minute! Mating leopards, a fight between wild dogs and hyena, and rhino. All incredible sightings! Thank you!

-Thys & Ursula Sutherland


"Dear Thor & Neptune :-D,

Thank you so much for making this a wonderful and most educational trip. It was absolutely fantastic! Each day was an adventure and you guys were great guides and great guys. I know that I'll return and will tell everyone that your Safari is a must do! Take care,

-Lance Logan


"David & Troy, Thank you so much for a great experience, a trip we will always remember - especially with our kids!! Thanks to all the staff + the great chef! Hope to see you both again soon to see the leopards!!"

-The Richards Family


"We have loved our stay!! Troy and David have been professional, organized, kind and fun throughout (including the planning stages of the holiday). This has been an excellent way to spend proper time with family and special friends. A treat. Thank you!"

-Marq, Robyn, Nic & Ciara Frances

"We had an incredible time! Troy and David, your knowledge and passion for the bush has made this a holiday to remember. Loved experiencing the little 5 on foot and the Big 5 in a vehicle. Thank you

-Richard, Jenny, Sarah & Luce

Black Rhino
Lion Cub
Dagga Boy Buffalo
Rhino Cow & Calf
Lion Cub
Natural Earth Safaris Guided Safaris
Natural Earth Safaris Guided Safaris
Experience the Untamed
Natural Earth Safaris Coffee Break
Natural Earth Safaris Coffee Break
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Natural Earth Safaris Buffalo Herd
Natural Earth Safaris Coffee Break